What Lawyers Like David Bjornson Think Of TV Shows About Law

With all of the new legal dramas coming out, it has been quite difficult to pick a favorite. There’s ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ for those who love a heavy dose of drama and a good, long mystery to solve all throughout the whole season. ‘Suits’ is perfect for those who love shows with a mix of moderate drama and subtle humor. Another legal drama worth the watch is ‘Law & Order.’ Unlike the first two shows, ‘Law & Order’ has been on the air since 1990 and has had countless spinoffs. The show focuses more on a “ripped from the headlines” approach which has earned itself a regular audience.

Despite all the comments we have heard and read which say that these TV shows can sometimes be erroneous and intentionally exaggerated on air, it’s still not stopping us from tuning in to each episode. After having read multiple reviews, it pushed us to wonder what most lawyers really think about these TV shows.

  1. Lawyers love watching them.

Despite the fact that these shows can be inaccurate, they always find ways to keep lawyers tuned in. Most of them have all probably attempted to watch almost every legal drama there is and I don’t think it’s because they enjoy laughing at the mistakes of these shows.

I believe lawyers watch these shows because they are genuinely entertained by how exaggerated these stories can be and also because it shows them a glimpse of how their jobs are viewed by the public. There’s just no denying that these legal dramas are simply entertaining.

  1. They can be relatable for lawyers.

The target audience of these legal dramas are definitely those who wish to be a part of and are current members of the legal industry. Whether they think that it is inconsistent and inaccurate doesn’t matter to the producers, as long as they bring in the big bucks.

  1. They can spark inspiration.

Another reason why lawyers keep on watching these shows is because it reminds them of why they became lawyers in the first place. Whether it be because they wanted to be like their parents, uphold the law or simply earn lots of money; lawyers watch shows about law to remind them of how much it has changed their lives and how they can help make people’s lives better.

Legal dramas are not for everyone. Not every lawyer wants to watch shows about how their jobs and lives are depicted onscreen. But hey, who doesn’t love watching Viola Davis solve murders and play mind games? We, here at Blogging Like David Bjornson, can’t answer for everyone but we absolutely love it!

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  1. Even though we’re lawyers, we still make time for our favorite legal dramas. These shows help us relax despite all of the stress we experience in our everyday lives.

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