Expectation vs. Reality : Being a Lawyer



Becoming a lawyer is hard but very rewarding in many ways. It is intellectually stimulating, and always challenging. It can be comfortable, prestigious and can open doors to many successful directions in life. Lawyers help people, change lives, and even make history. The life of a lawyer is very different from what people imagine it to be in legal dramas and movies. David Bjornson talks about the expectations and realities of being a lawyer.


Here are 9 things people overlook about most lawyers:


“Easy A”

Expectations : Everything will turn out the way you planned it to be.

Reality : You provide for your client but sometimes being right doesn’t mean that you will win.


“Wardrobe Malfunction”

Expectations : Looking good is a devotion to yourself and to others.

Reality : Not everyone can look good in a suit.


“If this were a movie, you’d be in court”

Expectations : You deliver speeches in front of juries every week.

Reality : You probably won’t spend much time in court arguing. In fact, you might never be in a courtroom session.


“Time is not your friend, neither is your client”

Expectations : You only play your part as a lawyer.

Reality : You bear your client’s secrets and there are possibilities that they think of you as their bestfriend and you think of them as yours too.


“Embrace the hate”

Expectations : You’ll try to love your job no matter what happens.

Reality :  Everyone hates their job, you’ll get to the point where you’ll hate yours too.


“I work alone”

Expectations : You’ll get to meet and talk to new people every day and stay up on current events.

Reality : You’ll spend the vast majority of your time alone in your office, staring at your computer screen.


“Words literally speak louder than actions”

Expectations : Words are a lawyer’s tool of trade, you spend most of the time arguing.

Reality: Lawyers must both master the art of oral and written persuasion.



Expectations : You get to choose the time of your work.

Reality : Your client expects you to work from wherever you are as soon as humanly possible, requiring your attention at anytime.



Expectations : People will look up to you as if you’re a king.

Reality : People will call you heartless because of defending someone you know is guilty.

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